vMotion Check grid report

Ok, so I thought it would take me a little longer to get this done or I wouldn’t have posted the vMotion check stuff the other day. Turns out that things are pretty slow today, most of the people at work took today off to make it a long weekend.

So the goal here is to make a report that is a grid that shows every possible vMotion for a cluster so that you can spot patterns. A good clean report would look something like this (sorry if it is hard to understand due to the redactions):

However, sometimes the report shows you something else. Here is an example where I have both warnings and errors for some of the virtual machines:


Here you can see that some machines have warnings but there is one vm in particular that is interesting. When this vm tries to move to one of the hosts in the cluster it would fail, even though it can move to the other hosts just fine.

If we look at the footnotes we can see the actuall warnings and errors:

As you can see, it is unable to move to the 5th host in that cluster due to a CPU masking problem. When I look at the the whole report I can see that there are seven more machines that are not able to move to this particular host and there is also one vm on the host that is unable to move to any of the other hosts in the cluster.

All those things combined in a graphical way makes it much easier to troubleshoot vMotion issues and the reason I created this workflow.

As always, this is not heavily tested code and there are probably some bugs in there, but feel free to play around with it and send me any comments / questions you may have.

Download the package here.

UPDATE 11-23-12 2:14 PM – Updated workflow to ignore powered off VMs, for some reason the API shows a warning about tools not running when you check vmotion compatibility for a powered off vm…

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